Is my Store open?

Jun 06, 2012

Hi all... 

Just wondering if anyone's received a...

       The project file could not be saved.

       Store must be opened for this operation.

...error message?  Just started popping up today...

Working on a good dell latitude, 3 GB ram, using Win 7, 32-bit, 16-days to go on the 30-day trial copy, w 83 GB of hard drive space free... Storyline file is 333 MB in size.


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Michael Fimian

Hi Brian,

Back again...

Did a re-installation and the first few Saves went fine;  but then on the third Save, the error popped up again.

During the reinstallation, I checked (again) the function to automatically send error data to Arlyn and his team;  I assume this is actually occurring as I don't see anything happening.  On the home machine (not this one) the error dump is firewalled, but the file opens in Outlook and I send it off...

Thanks for any help on this!


Michael Fimian

Hi Brian,

Tried working on a couple different files, and the Save function still seemed intermittent.  I'm finidng that I can continue to work on the Terrorism file, but sometimes have to redo the work of the last five minutes ( save every five minutes) when it doesn't take.  Not iddeal, but workable. It seems that since I downloaded the executable from the web site this morning and re0installed the software, the error's been happening less often, and more of the work is "sticking."

I sent the file up via the Issues site about an hour ago;  got an auto message from Justin.

Hope to finalize the transaction today for the actual product so may be able to do a reinstall later in the day.

I'd be curious to see if there was any file damage;  this one was born and bred in SL, not a PPT import...

Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Kirk!

Do you encounter the same issue with newly created story files or is it file specific? 

If you don't encounter the same error with a new file, I suggest that you do slide troubleshooting by importing the slides from your old Story file to the new Story file you created. It would be best to import a slide or two and then save your new Story file in between. This will tell you which slide may have caused the error message. 

To import slides from an existing .STORY, select New Slide->Import->Storyline. Select the slide and press the "Import" button. 

If you encounter the same issue with the new file, I suggest that you do the following: 

1) Uninstall Storyline from the Add/remove programs. 
2) Reboot your system. 
3) Download a new copy of the installer from the link below. 

4) Unzip the content to your desktop. 
5) Right-click on the "storyline.exe" file and select "Run as Administrator". 
6) Follow the instructions to install and activate. 
7) Test to see if you still encounter the same issue. 

Payal Tandon

This happened with me today.  And I lost 2 hours worth of work.  Exactly the same error.  Is there any resolution of why it happens.  I have already un-installed and installed SToryline 3 times in the past two months for one or more issues.  This issue was not one of them.  DO I NOW UN_INSTALL storyline again now for THIS ISSUE.

Today I am extremely frustrated.  Please help. :( :( :(

Peter Anderson

Hi Payal, 

Really sorry about this. At this point, we're trying to collect as much information as possible when this happens. Are you able to open a ticket and share your .story file with us so we can take a closer look at what might be going on and try to help get it resolved? We'd really appreciate the opportunity to work with you on this. Thanks so much!

Payal Tandon

Hi Peter,

Sorry about not getting back to you on this.  In fact I just saw your message.  I kinda took a few days off from storyline.  But I would like to say that this issue happened really randomly so I am not sure what I could have provided you with.  I hope this does not happen next time.  But if it does, I will open a ticket and send the pertinent information. Anything to help solve this problem. 



Peter Anderson

Hi Anna, 

In addition to working locally, here are a few other suggestions from Payal's case:

If your Storyline software is not working properly, a simple repair may fix the problem.  Please review the following article to learn how: 

In addition, please try to delete the Storyline project logs and temp files by following the instructions below: 

1. Right-click on the Windows start button and click Explore 
2. Type the following in the address bar and hit return: 
3. Delete the project logs in this folder 
4. Right-click on the Windows start button again, and click Explore 
5. Type the following in the address bar and hit return: 
6. Delete the temp files in this folder 

Restart your machine, then test Storyline again. 

If the issue persists, can you check if you still encounter the issue when working on a new project in Storyline? 

If the issue only occurs in one particular project, you may need to troubleshoot the issue further with this Storyline file. Try importing the slides from this project to a new Storyline file, and see if this helps improve Storyline's performance. Here's how to import slides from one Storyline project into another: 

Hope it's helpful, and thanks for submitting the case. 

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