Is that possible: A Storyline / Rise course (= SCORM file) which deactivates itself after a given time?

Hi all,

no idea whether this is actually technically doable but is it possible to integrate a certain kind of "self destruction" meachanism into SCOM file so that it de-activates itself after a programmed time?

Reason I'm asking is, that whenever we sell to a customer who is running their own LMS we simply need to trust that they don't use our course longer than agreed upon. 

Not that we don't trust all of our clients, but hey - last time I checked my occupation it didn't say "Good Samaritan" but Businesman ;-)


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Tim Hillier


I wanted to give this a try to I made a demo that seems to work.  It is attached. 

In the variables in the storyline file is one called expdate.  It is in the format yyyymdd.  You would set your expiry date with this and then the file will check whenever it is run.  If you put that into rise you can put a continue block below it that is tied to completion of the block above.  If it senses expiry, it will not allow you to complete, thus blocking you from the content.  This assume a couple of things.  You need to have locked navigation for one.  Second, this will only work if it is run.  If they have gone past the first screen, then they will not run this check and it will not block them.

Here is a Rise demo with the expiry date already past.

Let me know if this makes sense.


Matthew Bibby

Good work Tim.

Matthias, keep in mind that using the date for security can likely be bypassed pretty easily. E.g.  by changing the date on their computer, commenting out the code in the published output etc.

The best way to manage situations like these (that I know of) is to use SCORM dispatch.

Matthias Lassen

Hi TIm, thanks a lot! I've taken a closer look and wonder, how exactly you did the programming of this variables? Couldn't find anything when looking at the triggers. or did you do that in the Java Script?

Matthew - I approached SCORM CLOUD to answer some more questions that arose while thinking through their service offer of their dispatch solution. Mainly I'm worried about endless discussions with customers IT department for allowing communication between SCORM CLOUD and the customers LMS.

I know IT folks well and assuem this coulkd be a show stopper when talkign about openign ports in firewalls for allowing a two way communicaiton. 

Any experiences someone? If someone is interested, I'll gladly share what SCORM CLOUD offers as explanations.