Is there a limit to how many times you can "Change Picture"?

Dec 08, 2015

I am using a slide with multiple layers and multiple pictures. In order to replicate a picture carousel effect, I have applied motion paths to each picture.

I have been simply using the Change Picture function on the layers to create a carousel effect without having to re-do all the motion paths. It worked great until I got to about the 60th time I tried to change a picture - then it won't work any more.

So wondering if there a limit per slide or per story in the number of times you can use this helpful feature? 

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Jason Reed

Hi Mary,

I don't know about any defined limit, but it sounds like you might have found one. I've built slides with literally hundreds of triggers, but not in the same way you're describing. Is it possible to duplicate the layer you're using and then continue on from there with the same functionality?

Or are you saying you've gotten to 60 layers and it's stopped working?

Every now and then I've found you just need to restart Storyline and/or your machine to stop it from doing strange things, although you've probably already tried this.

Mary Cropp

Hey Jason,

It's not 60 layers, but rather 60 (or so) instances of changing 8 pictures on 8 layers. Each layer has the same 8 pictures, but since I am trying to create a carousel, I simply swapped out positions of the pictures in order to not have to rebuild motion paths each time.

I have tried duplicating layers, tried copying and pasting layer contents, tried duplicating slides and deleting layers then making the change. Tried powering down and re-launching Storyline. No dice. It's almost as if I hit some limit somewhere.  But thanks for weighing in. 


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mary,

I haven't heard of a limit either - but what occurs after the 60th time? Does Storyline freeze or shut down or does the "change picture" just stop working? Have you already gone through the normal troubleshooting steps such as confirming you're working on local project files, importing it into a new project as described here, and going through the repair of Storyline if the behavior is consistent across projects? 

Mary Cropp

Hi Ashley,

I tried all the suggestions. After the 60th (or so) time, it just stops working altogether. Importing the slide into to another project or into a new slide doesn't stop it from re-occurring. It seems as though I have just bumped up against a limit for the number of times one can change a picture. But thanks to you and Jason for weighing in. I appreciate all the troubleshooting.


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