Is there a way?

Ok all, let me see if I can explain this.

I have eight check boxes on every slide. The trainee will choose two of these on every slide. They are choosing one that best describes them, and the one the least describes them. At the end I have the "least" being subtracted from the "most" for each variable. This gives me a number from -27 to +28 (one number for each variable). I then want to take the numbers that were generated, and use them to get another number. In Excel I would just make a nested "IF" statement to get the result I want (      =IF(AND(A2>=6,A2<=27),7,IF(AND(A2>=0,A2<=5),6,IF(AND(A2>=-4,A2<=-1),5,IF(AND(A2>=-7,A2<=-5),4,IF(AND(A2>=-11,A2<=-8),3,IF(AND(A2>=-14,A2<=-12),2,IF(AND(A2>=-27,A2<=-15),1,"")))))))        ). Is there a way to accomplish this in Articulate?

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Mike Taylor

There aren't any formulas in Storyline but you could definitely do the adding/subtracting to get the number and then it SEEMS like you could evaluate the number using a series of AND condition. Any chance you can visually represent the different results visually ?   For example, when the value is >= 6 and