Is there a way to change the title of a Preso

Aug 31, 2012

Hi Guys,

Basically, I built a presentation and published it for a trade delegation - all good and everyone were suitably impressed as evidenced by the Oooo and Ahhh’s from the audience.  Now my sources files are sitting of a computer HD in the shop - awaiting a new Intel mother board. This would not be a problem unless you need to revamp the presentation for Monday without the sources files.

So my question is - is there a way I can change just the title of my published presentation without republishing??

Thanks in advance


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David Anderson

Hi Garry,

Looks like you can change the title in frame.xml. Search for "title_text" and you'll see your current title. Change that, refresh your page and you'll see the change.

This trick isn't supported so please keep that in mind when testing..  Good idea to backup your folder, too

 <option name="title_text" value="Title on the Player" /> 

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