Is there a way to check learners answers on storyline quiz

Jan 30, 2023

Hi Folks, 

I  create quizzes on storyline, export them into SCORM packages 2004 and publish them in our LMS. 

Some learners fails the quiz or get a bad score. Is there away for us to check the answers of our learners in a reporting file. For now i can only check the general score they get ( please see attached). 

Thanks in advance for your support! 




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Jose Tansengco

Hello Meryem,

Thanks for reaching out! 

You'll be able to see the individual responses of your learners in your LMS' reporting page. In SCORM Cloud for example, there's a section dedicated specifically for learner responses: 

I recommend reaching out to the support team of your LMS so they can show you where you can find the reporting section for individual responses. For your reference, here's all of the data that Storyline 360 sends to an LMS: