Is there a way to control the END time of Storyline slides

Jun 03, 2017

I am so frustrated with the END of slide.  I am doing a conversion so I have a large audio piece that I have chunked into close to manageable bits but not the exact length of the slide.  I am currently doing a final review of all my slides and scenes and the client wants another button inserted to include a pause feature (which I made and works correctly) BUT every time I add something and sometimes when I just change a slide, the END time defaults to the original timing.  This may range from 10 seconds to 300 seconds out from the required END of slide.  I have locked everything on the timeline but still ALL OF THE ITEMS timelines are back to the original except the audio. Is there a way to change this so I only have to click the timing on the new feature rather than worrying about sitting here and sliding that END back to where I want it. The timing here is set by the audio as saved.  This is very frustrating and takes a huge amount of time moving it and checking for it before republishing.  Please if anyone has any suggestions!! 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sandra,

After adjusting all the elements did you change the timeline of the slide too? If you're inserting objects from another slide that had a longer timeline, that will change the timeline of the slide you're inserting too as well. 

Walt's suggestion is an easy one to change the overall timeline duration after it's been expanded by something such as an audio/video element. 

Sandra Whitford

Yes I think that some of the timeline changes are because I copied an element from another slide that had a different timeline.  I found another comment and suggestion on the same topic that to expand the view out as far as possible with the slider at the bottom so that it is easy to slide and you can quickly check if an adjustment is necessary.  While not optimum it does help a lot for most slides.  I was finding that zipping along shortening the timeline is dangerous if the slide has audio that is broken up into more than one piece (two people talking) as you can push the audio over when doing this.  So there were a whole bunch of little things were making me frustrated.  Thanks.

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