Is there a way to edit the font size in the results slide?

Jan 04, 2016

I am working in Storyline 1 and am down to the last few fixes before delivering a program. The problem is that correct answers are shown in an enormous font size when a learner selects the "review test" button on the results slide.

The attachment shows how the text is appearing.

Any suggestions or workarounds for this issue are much appreciated.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Joseph, 

From the image you shared it looked like a drop down of some sort? I know we've seen an issue with large fonts within the review during a fill in the blank question, but if you're seeing it on a drop down I'd want to double check what version/update of Storyline you're using and what question type it is? If you'd like you can share your .story file here with us using the "add attachment" button and we can take a look. 

Joseph Roberson


It is a drop down. The drop down fonts work fine; it's the correct answers that appear when you review the test that are too big. Tried everything I could think of to resolve this, but no luck. Would appreciate help as this is the last fix needed before delivering to client.

I am using Storyline 1; update 10: 1509.1408.

Really looking forward to your response.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Joseph,

I was able to replicate the same behavior in your file and a new file in that the text goes outside the edge of the bounding box, but the overall font size was only an issue in your particular file and drop down ( a new one in the same file didn't show the larger increase in font size). The overflow of the text is something that we've reported to our QA team so I'll include this thread as a part of that report, but I don't have a time frame to offer in regards to when I'll have additional information to share. As far as the overall font size, have you tried playing with the overall size and spacing of the drop down, as it looks like you may have changed their initial/original placement? That may be impacting the overall sizing as well. 

In the meantime, you could look at creating a custom review layer for those slides as detailed here. 

Julia Tan

Hi Ashley,

I have also encountered the issue with large fonts within the review during a fill in the blank question. It gets worst if I have more than 1 correct answer. The font size keeps increasing. Just wonder was it resolved in any updates? 

By the way, I have went through the creating of custom review layer video. Sound greats. But wonder how do I jump to the first question slide upon "Review Quiz" button clicked, if mine was a randomized quiz? 5 Questions out of 20 Questions from the bank. 



Julia Tan

I have created a 'Review' layer for displaying my correct answer(s) for Review Quiz (Following the Custom Layer Video). 

However, outcome was: My Review layer + Storyline 2 default (Big Growing Fonts) Review Layer :(

I thought my review layer will override the default review layer? It seems to be an Add-On to the existing one. How do I remove the default layer? Or replace it?


Crystal Horn

Hey Julia.  I compared your file to what Nicole describes in her YouTube tutorial on custom quiz review layers.

She mentions how to add content to the pre-built Storyline quiz review layer by adding a new layer and titling it, "Review."  I noticed a "Review" layer on 3 of your 4 question bank slides.  You're seeing your custom review content in addition to the pre-built review elements.

At 2:03 in Nicole's tutorial, she mentions that for a completely customized review layer, you can create a new layer and name it anything BUT "Review" so that it won't pull the pre-built review elements.

Start by renaming those review layers to something other than just "Review" so that it won't use the Storyline review layer elements.  Nicole's video goes on to explain the variable and triggers she uses on the Results slide to get the custom review layers to show (I didn't see those in your file).

I wanted to mention one thing that is not because of anything you did wrong:  the large font size for the list of acceptable answers on the fill-in-the-blank quiz review.

We discovered a bug where if you are using a larger story size, the list of acceptable answers that displays during the pre-built quiz review on fill-in-the-blank slides displays incorrectly.  If you are using a custom review layer as described in Nicole's tutorial, however, you should not see that problem.  I'll tag this discussion in our documentation of that issue so that I can update you if there is a fix.

In the meantime, try some of those changes in your file and see if your custom review layers will become distinct from the standard review.  Let me know how you make out!

Donna Parham

I watched the video tutorial referenced above, and the problem is that I want to keep the "Correct/Incorrect" bar across the bottom of the slide.

Like the user above, I have been successful adding a Review Layer that gives the answer to the fill-in in a legible font size, but the extra huge font size answers appears too. (I know that I can make "Custom Review" layers for all the questions, but that requires a lot of work, and the bar across the bottom has been consistent for all our other modules.)

Has anyone solved this problem yet?

Crystal Horn

Hi Donna.  Thanks for sharing your file.  We haven't yet released a fix for this issue of the acceptable answers displaying incorrectly when you have a larger slide size.

It sounded like using a completely custom review layer would have created a lot of additional work for you.  Is it possible instead to change the slide size to something smaller?  Perhaps if you have a smaller slide size, you could compensate by allowing the Player to scale to fill your learners' browser windows.

In the meantime, I'm going to add your comments to our documentation of the issue.

Lori Arndt

I'm using a pre-builit multiple choice form for assessment and I'm wondering if it is possible to edit the feedback because the font it tiny and difficult to read because we're using feedback by choice - a little lengthier than 'correct' or 'incorrect'.  I don't want to have to edit the feedback just to modify and adjust the scaling in the feedback text box. Please advise. Thanks.

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