Is there a way to format the text within a Form question

Jul 05, 2023

I'd like to adjust the font color and style of the text in a form question. Is there anyway to format the text within a form question?



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Nadja Sherelis

Thanks, but I'm still having trougle. I'm attaching a slide that I'm working on. I need the answer text to be black, it's sort of gray when it shows on the screen. But I need the option text to remain white. I tried to create a new style and apply it, it works on the answer but it changes the option text to black as well. I want it to stay white. I didn't create this slide, I'm just modifying. I'm trying to figure out how to format it. Can the answer text be black while the option text remains white?


John Morgan

Hi Nadja,

Great question! I understand you'd like to have the color for the matches in your drop-down question be black and the text for the choices remains white. I'd be happy to help you out with that!

After looking at your slide, I saw the same thing you did. When I select the matching drop-down question in the slide and change the text color to black, all the text (choices and matches) is changed to black. This is expected behavior in Storyline but I did find a workaround. Place a textbox with the same letter in white text over each of the choices. They will cover the choices in black text and give you the result you are looking for!

I attached an updated version of your slide with the textboxes in place.

I hope this helps out!