Is there a way to pass survey data for Kirkpatric Level 1

Jun 23, 2014

Hi Heroes,

I have a client what want a graded end-of-course assessment results passed to their LMS. They also want us to do the Kirkpatric Level 1 evaluation via survey and pass that information to them too. Is there a way to do that? I thought only one set of data could be passed on SCORM conforment courses.


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Judy Nollet

As far as I know, a course can only pass one "result" to the LMS (either re: visiting specified # of slides OR pass/fail on specified quiz). You could, however, put the survey into a separate "course" and link to that. Or link out to SurveyMonkey or a similar tool. Otherwise, to keep it all within one course, you'd probably have to add some coding for Tin Can API. I don't know how to do that, but I'm pretty sure it can be done by those who know javascript.

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