Is there a way to post content for "offline viewing"?

Sep 03, 2014

I teach online college courses to global working students. Some of my students travel and don't have access to dependable internet (e.g. one student will be travelling to Pakistan for 10 days for work and even the hotel internet is not dependable). We use Moodle as our LMS -- but it is a version that is "pre 2.6". Thus, the ipad mobile viewer app doesn't work when I try to access content on an iPad (in fact, the content works terribly on an iPad).

Is there a way to upload zipped files or SOMETHING so students who are travelling or want to work offline can download files to an iPad OR a laptop and access the interactive content offline? I don't track scores or need to record anything in the LMS related to the Storyline files. Currently, I upload the zipped files as a SCORM package in moodle and that runs on Chrome, Firefox, etc. What are my options, if any, for students to download content and access offline?


Janet Samuels

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Dan Marsden

Hi Janet,

I've been working on an offline player for UNICEF with Moodle that provides support for SCORM - I'm hoping we will release the system a bit more publicly in the next 3 or 4 months. I did a demo on it at the AU Moodle Conference and will be doing another demo next month at the NZ conference.

I'll be in San Francisco briefly on the 23rd Oct and have a small amount of time in the afternoon if you could come to me to do a demo if that might help - drop me an e-mail if that might be useful!


Janet Samuels

Ashley,  That's a great idea as my school won't let me buy or add software to help fix the issue (we all have standardized parameters to work within).  Can someone point me to resources explaining how the CD option works?  I'm assuming that I

1 - Publish for CD (rather than the LMS I usually do)

2 - Zip the output so it isn't cumbersome to post a file for students

3 - Tell students to download the file and unzip it

4 -- But then what -- do they run an exe, xlm or swf file?  Or is there an "auto-run" type of file?  The instructions I find at:

just end after saying "burn to CD".  What do I tell my students to do to access the files?

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