Is there a way to trigger a 'replay'?

Mar 12, 2013

I have a slide that shows people an unfolding process, and using 'step 1, step 2... etc. buttons, changes states of backgrounds to be visible and opens layers to show content. if one is is the middle of this work and reached, say, step 4 (there are 7), I want to have a 'restart' button that starts everything from scratch on the slide. In fact the 'replay' control in the Player does this perfectly when I am previewing! Can I trigger that?

I thought of setting a trigger for the slide to jump to itself...but if there are any layers open, this simply causes that current layer to restart its timeline.

I'm sure there's a 'I wuoldn't have done it that way at all' option but I thought I'd check the forum first.


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Elearning Benelux

What I did is to set the slide property to initial state upon visitation and then create a "playback" symbol that just sends the user back to the slide they were reading. 

So if you are on slide 21 you do this

1) Right click the base slide and choose initial state upon visitation

2) Create a symbol or icon of image or whatever for users to click on to replay the slide

3) Make trigger Jump to slide 21