Replay button - when there are layers it doesn't replay the slide from original state

Jun 28, 2017


I have a slide that contains 2 steps. Step 1 is on the main slide and step 2 is on another layer. If I replay this slide after step 2 appears, it only replays step 2. Is there a way to have the slide replay from the beginning, step 1, if someone hits the "replay" button?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jodi,

The slide revisiting properties should be impacted by your custom navigation. Those properties will be adhered too when a user revisits a slide regardless of how they got there.

If you're seeing some different than that, it may be something specific in your file or the custom navigation, so we'd love to take a look at that! Share the .story file here using the Add Attachment button.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Jaipal!

I'm happy to help! This discussion is a bit dated, and we've changed a lot about the seek bar over the past 3 years. Let's start with what you've created so far!

It sounds like you are looking for the seek bar to reflect what is located on the layers. Is that right? If so, have you tried unchecking the "Pause Timeline on Base Layer" box in the Slide Properties?

Ange CM

Hi Lauren,  I have always done as you have described but this time it doesn't work, it only plays the last layer viewed not the base layer and other layers.  btw:  I  have always checked  the "Pause Timeline on Base Layer"  and it had worked with that in play in the past -  reason: client wants to see the seek bar moving on every layer. 
However, with new version of Articulate it doesn't work with "Pause Timeline on Base Layer"  checked - I am only seeing the last layer viewed replayed.
Is this a known glitch? Or is there a new way to do this? 
Thank you for any help.

Eric Santos

Hello Ange!

Thanks for reaching out; great idea to open a case as well with your Storyline file! I see you've connected with my teammate, Fannie, and she's currently testing your project file to be able to provide the best answer.

Let's continue the conversation in your support case to keep all the information in one place, but I'm happy to assist further as needed!