Is there an option to restrict timeline to length of media?

Dec 11, 2013

Hi, everyone.

On all of my slides, there is either narration or a video that includes narration.

One thing I find I often overlook in fine-tuning my slides is that the timeline is sometimes longer than media. This might happen because I replaced existing media with a shorter version.

To correct this, I need to manually go in and drag the end line to where the media finishes.

Is there a way to have the default setting for a timeline be the end of any media included on a slide?



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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Allan,

Currently, there is no way to do that, Would love it if you'd join me (and many others) who have submitted a feature request.

I've made two requests.

  • Currently when objects are inserted into the timeline, the default is to "show until end of slide." This means objects copied/pasted from other slides often push the timeline out. So, I've requested that the default NOT be set to "show until end...
  • I've requested that there be an option to set the entire timeline length, so there's no need to do all that dragging. Perhaps a right-click  on the timeline itself that displays a shortcut menu.

Those are just my thoughts, and I"m not a programmer (probably clear to anyone who's reading this . Hope you'll submit your ideas.

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