How To Pause Media and Have Audio Continue Then Have Media Restart Down The Timeline.

Oct 14, 2020

Good morning,

Working on a project that has a video of a workflow demonstration. I am trying to match my narration to the video, however the video is too fast. Is there a trigger I can use to pause the media while the narration continues and picks up at a later time on the timeline? I currently using this Trigger:

Pause Video - Video 1 (Media)

When the timeline reaches TIME (6s)

The video continues and doesn't pause.

Any thoughts? 



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Jerry Beaucaire

CUEing should help you here.

First, put your finger on the letter C, then use the mouse to start the timeline.

As the slide progress press the C button to put markers in exact spots.  You can do this while the slide plays.

When you're done, go back and adjust the timings of the CUE points that were created by dragging them.

Now you can easily align any audio or visual element to start at those moments in the timeline.

Even better, SL now has a trigger called "Jump to cue point" so you can now use triggers any way you want to have the timeline jump to any specific cue point and begin playing.

Tyler Braddick

Hi Harry,

In addition to Jerry's great suggestion about cue points can I also ask if the video options are set to automatically play the video or to play when clicked or triggered? 

Storyline 360 Video Options

If it is set to play video "when clicked" or "when triggered" if either of those interactions happens after 6 seconds has passed in the timeline it would continue playing as the trigger for 6s has passed.

If you continue to experience issues please feel free to contact our support team and we'll assist you in getting this resolved!



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