Is there danger in having multiple Storyline files open at once?

Jun 20, 2013

Is there any issue with opening two different Storyline files at the same time on the same PC? I've had problems before with other elearning products and if you have a SL file open and chose to open another one from the Articulate menu SL makes you close the open one first. This all leads me to believe that you should only ever have one SL file open at a time. Is this true?

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Harri S

Hi Brett,

You can open multiple instances of SL at once and therefore work on different projects at once. You need to open the additional files from the source file (e.g Example.story in the C drive) instead of from the menu function within a SL project. Just be aware though that if you have a SL file on a shared network multiple people can access it at the same time and make changes (it does not open a read only format) and the general rule there seems to be 'he who saves last- wins'.

Also be aware that SL can be demanding for your pc (depending on your Ram) so having multiple instances open may result in your pc running unusually slow. 

Hope this helps


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Brett,

I frequently have 2 Storyline files opened at the same time, and sometimes more. I agree with Harri regarding PC resources, and I suspect that the size of the opened files matters.

If there are any downsides to this practice, I hope someone from Articulate, or perhaps a superhero, will weigh in. Speaking of which, I'm pretty sure Phil commented a little while back that he often works with more than one instance of SL opened.

Brett Rockwood

Hi Harri and Rebecca,

Thanks for the responses. I've just been a bit gun-shy about having more than one open due to some bad experiences with Captivate. I've done it a few times with SL to no bad affect but I'd really like to know if it's safe. Would be great to hear something from someone from Articulate...

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