Is there really no equation editor????

Aug 20, 2013

Hi there,

I've been down this path before, and used workarounds in other software to create equations and then insert them into my software - with HUGE time hits in doing so.

I ended up creating mockups in Power Point and then having someone recreate them as Flash assets that I inserted into my storyboard/slide/screen (we used Proform). This was such a huge pain in the butt!The reason we went that path was because the equation editor uses Cambria Math font. In our testing tool, if we were creating an assessment with mixed constants and fractions, the constants would be in Arial, and the fractions in Cambria Math. Also, if we copied/pasted the equation into our tool from Power Point or Word, there were issues with the resolution in the player. So the very long workaround is what we did above. It was a very long and painful task with lots of revisions.

When Storyline was recommended as a replacement tool, I assumed that since it used to function on top of Power Point, that it would have included an equation editor. I'm so sad it doesn't as now I have to create another math course - using the long tedious way we did before. Boohoo.

If anyone has any suggestions, or if Articulate can let me know if they are working on an equation editor, I would love to hear from you.



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Bruce Graham


Sorry that you feel so let down, however, as Storyline is neither a direct upgrade for Studio, not a PowerPoint Add-On, I'm not sure why you assumed it would exist. There are a myriad of PowerPoint functions, (such as animation) that are not available.

Maybe Studio '13 when released would be a better tool for you and these needs?

As Phil says, once you know what equations you needs, it is completely feasible to use a cheap illustrator, or hand-drawn images to create these at the moment, and in fact that variety adds to courses that can otherwise be quite dry due to subject matter.


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