Is this a Bug ?

Jun 28, 2013

We created a dynamic module using variables. This module is to be used in a lot of our courses and is driven by variable values. All is working perfectly. Yet when we import this module (.storyline-file) everything is correctly imported except variables which we use as constants, they do not appear in the list of variables.

Before import

After Import

I checked ‘the use count’ and it appears that when a variable is used as a constant and is never assigned a value its use count is 0, still as you can see from the image hereafter it is used in a condition.

When the import is launched, I have the impression that only the variables which are actually assigned a value (and therefore have a use count > 0) are imported.

To circumvent this I assigned a value to them when the timeline of the first slide starts.

My question, is this a bug ?



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Geert,

I apologize for the delay. I've been looking and looking - I've found a couple of reports that come close, but don't look quite the same. 

I do see one bug report that's somewhat similar, but I'm unclear on one point. Are you using a template file for the project? If you create a copy of the original .STORY file, are you able to reuse the variables?

Also, have you noticed anything else with the variables? I cannot see what's further down in the list. Have any of the variables been renamed, by any chance, instead of removed?


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