Issue between published and preview

I'm using Storyline 2 and have an issue with video controls in that I have a button to control the videos playback with three states, Play, Pause and Replay. The issue that occurs is that when the video ends and you click to replay it should jump and hide the play state, play the video and show the pause state of the button. This works in preview perfectly. but not when you publish for the web 😡 it pauses the timeline at the play state and requires the user to click play to replay the video adding an unnecessary extra click. How could this be?

Also, I have this on a slide with multiple layers, each with a video (except the base layer) and this has its issue when published, where you reach the replay state after each video has played and you click the button, you are represented with the base layer, not with the layer containing the video you were last watching. 

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Brian Allen

Chrome has recently rolled out updates that dictate how media is displayed on web pages, and for the most part media will not auto play. There's something about how over time Chrome will "learn" pages that you commonly play media on and will allow auto play to work on those pages.