Issue in passing Score to LMS as required

Dec 08, 2015


I want to do the Storyline publishing settings such as SCORE should not be sent before completing the Assessment (Even sending score as zero is also not accepted before completing the Assessment).

Currently  "score is 0% when I closed, then resumed" it should not happen. The score should be unknown or null before completing the Assessment . Once the assessment has been completed then only the score has been updated the actual score the user got.

Now the course has been updated the score after the assessment completion what the user got. But our question/issue is why it sending score as 0% when i closed, then resumed before completing the Assessment.

Kindly let me know the resolution for this ASAP


Sayali S.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sayali,

In some cases, an Exit course trigger will send a score of 0% to a learning management system (LMS) when you're tracking the course by the number of slides viewed. (A score should only be sent to the LMS when you're tracking a quiz.)

We're investigating this issue. In the meantime, you can avoid this behavior by closing the browser window when you're finished rather than using an Exit course trigger. 

Are you using the slides viewed to track or a quiz question/results slide set up? If you're tracking with a results slide could you share a bit more information about the set up you're using in terms of what you set as the other LMS publishing options? Did you also test this at SCORM Cloud to determine a baseline behavior as that's an industry standard for testing SCORM output. 

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