Issue: STATE CHANGE is not working on Result slide in HTML5 + Google Chrome


I have a quiz with 5 Questions and 1 result slide.

The Result Slide contains Score & Table showing:

    Q. No.                 Result                                    Review

       1                       cross image                           Link

       2                       tick image                              Link


Expected behaviour:

  • Question incorrect  – cross image (state is not changed)
  • Question correct      – cross image is converted to tick image (state is changed)


But, after I come back to the result slide from reviewing the quiz, I can see both tick and cross images (as shown in screenshot) for the correct answers only.


I am experiencing this issue on Google Chrome browser with both LMS>HTML5>TinCan published file and Web> HTML5 published file.


I have attached the sample Storyline file and screenshot of the result slide with the issue reflected. PFA.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Bratati,

Thanks for including your file! I saw the same thing when I tested it in Storyline 360.

I tried adjusting your slide properties, triggers, and states, but so far I haven't had any luck finding a solution. I'm going to bring this to our Support Engineers and have them weigh in on what could be causing this.

You'll hear back from them soon!