Issue with borders around objects after publishing

Mar 31, 2021

Hi! I am having trouble with my Articulate Storyline content, using the modern player with a dark background.

My content was behaving fine until yesterday afternoon. Now, my courses appear fine in preview, but after publishing, all the shapes and images seem to have a very fine transparent border around them, which shows what is behind them. 
For example, my course has a bar at the top which is the same colour as the player background. When I preview it, this blends into the player background and looks like part of it, but when I publish, it has a white line around it, because it is showing the background colour of the slide. To fix this I have set the background colour to the same grey as the player background, which is masking the problem, but now I have a  grey line around any images that border the edge of the slide.

All my objects are set to have no outline.

Has anyone got any suggestions how I can fix this? I updated Storyline yesterday, after the problem began, but it has not fixed the issue.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Rebecca!

I'm happy to help! We don't currently have a bug report that is similar to what you're experiencing with a line appearing around the slide in Publish. How are you publishing the course? Web, LMS, Review 360, etc. Also, are you seeing this in every project or just the one you're currently working on?

With your permission, I'd like to take a look at your project. You can either share it in this public discussion or in a support case. I'll make sure to delete the project after troubleshooting.

Steven Benassi

Hi Sue!

Sorry to hear you've also hit this snag with outlines appearing around shapes in your course!

Are you observing this issue during preview, as well as in the published output? Also, does this behavior occur across multiple files? If you're comfortable sharing the .story file, I'd be happy to take a closer look! Feel free to upload a copy here in the discussion or privately with our support engineers.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Amy Jones
Lauren Connelly

Hello Amy!

Thank you for sharing the .story file with us! I was also seeing the same black border on my end, so I tried cropping the image to see if that removed the border. Surprisingly, it did! I took a screenshot of the difference.

Can you try cropping the images on your end to see if that does the trick?

Amy Jones


Thanks for your help.

It's still not working though - I;ve cropped the borders but I still get a black line.


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Jose Tansengco

Hi Amy,

Here's an alternative solution that you can check out. 

Instead of adding the picture directly, you can add a square shape, right-click on the shape and select 'Format shape', and use the 'Picture or texture fill' option to fill the shape with your images. 

I observed that doing this removed the black outlines in the images. I did this for the second option in your image and here's what the result looked like:

Let me know if this works for you!