Issue with button sets and trigger actions

Feb 23, 2022

The file contains a slide of five radio button set questions, identifying what is and is not a project. As seen in the review link, in preview mode, when making a selection for just one of the questions (e.g., Expanding a highway), and clicking "Reveal Answers" the green checkmark or red x appears prematurely. 

I believe I have all the triggers and variables correct but am sensing an error in trigger sequence being the issue.

Any thoughts?


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Ryan,

The T/F variables have a default value of False. So if the user clicks Reveal Answer before they actually answer some (or even any) of the questions, the answers are revealed based on the default value

I suggest you disable the Reveal Answers button until all of the sets have been answered. Here's a quick summary of how to do that:

  • Set the initial state of the Reveal Answers button to Disabled.
  • Add T/F variables to track whether each set has been answered. You could use the same names as the variables you have, but with "_done" added at the end of the name.
  • Add a trigger to both buttons in a set that change the corresponding tracking variable to True. (True means that set is done/answered.)
  • Add a T/F variable just to have a variable for the "when" to change the Reveal Answers button to Normal. For example, call it "answering."
  • Add a trigger to both buttons in all the sets that toggles the "answering" variable. (The actual value doesn't matter. What matters is that the variable changes.) 
  • Add a trigger that changes the Reveal Answers button to Normal when the "answering" variable changes -- with the conditions that all of the corresponding "done" variables are True.

You can see how this works in the attached file.