Issue with button that doesn't appear after draw from Question bank

Apr 04, 2018


I' m new to storyline 360 and am trying to find out a few things about it. I'm trying to create a snakes & ladders game based on a free game template found here.

My problem is that despite the fact that the first question is drawn correctly from the Question Bank, when the answer is given the button doesn't seem to appear. Note I have just fixed(for testing reasons) to draw from the question bank up to the 14th tile. 

By the way, If I remove all the questions and add them as a scene and not in a question bank everything works like a charm.

Any help would be lovely,


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Crystal Horn

Hello Theodosis!  Thanks for sharing your .story file.  I saw that the dice didn't reappear after I answered the question.

I had a look at your triggers, and the trigger to jump to the question draw slide came before the trigger to change the state of the dice pic back to normal, which means the dice pic trigger could never fire.  

Once I moved that trigger above "Jump to 1.2 Draw," the game seemed to function.  I changed those triggers on layers 1-6, so you'll want to modify the rest of the layers.

Attached is your modified file; hope that helps!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Teo,

I've been testing your file this am, and I'm seeing the same thing when trying to adjust the settings that the dice isn't clickable a second time. I even tried on a new object and experienced the same thing. 

I'm going to open a case for you so that our Support Engineers can dig in a bit deeper on this! Keep your eyes out for an email from

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