Issue with hotspots, states and complicated slide

Feb 09, 2021

Hi All,

I'm having an issue with this slide behaving properly. It has 3 layers with states and hotspots. The user is supposed to be able to select the hotspot and the card flips over and stays up and then then select the next hotspot and it stays up and same for the 3rd. It need to play the audio on each layer and not overlap each other. 

For some reason although the settings are the same on all of the layers--one and two hotspots won't work but three will. They all worked before I put audio in?! 

Can someone help, please! 


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Ian Israel Saavedra

Hello Kathleen, since the cards have to stay up regardless of which layer is chosen, I suggest placing them instead on a single layer and just keep their state hidden initially, only changing state to normal when their corresponding hotpot has been clicked. Meanwhile the audio needs to be placed on different layers that shows when their corresponding hotpot has been clicked. This last bit is important, since audio placed on separate layers can never overlap, but note that the audio from a previously shown layer will get stopped once another layer has been shown.

Phil Mayor

Oddly the prevent user from clicking on the baselayer is preventing the layers underneath from being clicked.

Remove this on each layer and they work, although audio plays over the top

You may want to pop all the audio on a separate layer which is set to hide the other audio layers on timeline start.

NIce flip cards!