Issue with Hover state once item is in Visited state

Jun 29, 2018

I am running into a problem with the Hover state after the item has already been visited. 

In the attached slide, the first two "click to reveal" items/rectangles behave as I want, but with the following 4, once they reach "Visited" state and you hover on them, the text disappears. 


Can anyone help me figure out what is going on there? I has happened a few times and occasionally I need to start all over with the items.

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Mr C

Hey Joakim

Couple of things I have found over the years.

I use buttons where possible instead of creating shapes with states for menu/layer display

That way the States are already created - Create one button in the design and actions you want

Then duplicate that button for the rest then change the actions as required

I attempt to minimise the number of triggers, less things that could go wrong

I have modified your slide with these changes in mind

Hope this helps

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