Issue with intermittent trigger function

I have a 360 course available on our LMS e-Front.  On a specific slide I have hidden the NEXT icon when the timeline opens. I have a triggered button that, when clicked, reveals a text box and returns the hidden NEXT icon to normal. The button disappears when clicked.  Out of several learners in different locations across the country who have taken the course, two of them have been stopped at this slide and are unable to advance because the NEXT icon does not appear when the button is clicked.

I know it may be caused by any number of outside issues, but it does occur fairly regularly with other courses I have built, so it is a problem. 

Is there any advice or solution that I can implement in the course itself to relieve this problem?  Any suggestions would be very appreciated.

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Katie Riggio

Hi Gail,

I'm happy to work with you to find out why the Next button isn't playing nice!

To clarify, does the problem happen when learners return to this specific slide? If yes, here's one theory:

Since the Next button is set to Hidden at the beginning of the slide's timeline by a trigger, when you return to the slide, Storyline hides the button as soon as the slide starts. The slide resumes the saved state of the Next button, but then the trigger tells Storyline to hide it right away.

Now, this is where variables and conditions come in! We'll need to set the Next button to Hidden only if learners haven't visited this slide yet.

➤ Here's a quick video demo with a sample file below

Give that a look, and let me know if that helps in your scenario! 

Gail Bell

Thank you Katie.  I will use this method in the future if I need to hide the NEXT icon on any slide.  For the slide mentioned above, it seems to be working fine now.  I believe this may have been some random glitch experienced by our LMS, as no other instances of this issue have been reported by other users taking this course.  However, the solution you offer is a good one to have in the toolbox for new courses that I build.

Thanks Katie for your expertise.