Issue with menu - common slide in 2 different branches

Jul 03, 2015

Hello all.

Im having a bit of an issue, and am hoping someone can help me out quick.

I have a course that branches into 2 roles.

Role 1 has 3 slides, and Role 2 has 3 slides.

slide 2 in each of those roles is common.

So it looks like this

Role 1-> Role 1 Slide 1 -> common slide -> Role 1 slide 2

Role 2-> Role 2 Slide 1 -> common slide -> Role 2 slide 2

I can easily direct the user down each branch after the common slide based on a variable.  The issue Im having is that I can't seem to get the menu to follow correctly.   I can set up the menu so each branch has that common slide (using the insert from project button in the menu section) but when the course gets to that common slide the menu always jumps to the Role 2 branchBranch Menu

Ive added a story file so you can see what I mean.

I guess my question is how can direct the menu to highlight the correct common slide?

Thanks for any direction.

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Rob Verzera

Thanks Alexander - I guess the goal is to not have to duplicate slides.  

In the real course, there are many common slides, what I don't want to have to worry about is having 15 duplicate slides, so if there is ever a change in a slide - I have to make the change two times.

Also I have a situation where there are 3 roles and many common slides - so you can see how easily things can get out of hand:)

Wendy Farmer

Hi Rob

place a T/F variable on each of the slides before the common slide.  When the learner gets to the common slide branch to the required slide using a combination trigger of the previous unique variables.  This can be used throughout the project as you progress just keep referencing the combination of variables to manage the path. I've just completed a project with 16 complicated pathways - works a treat.

if role 1 slide 1 

= true then jump to slide role 1 slide 2,

If role 2 slide 1

= true then jump to slide role 2 slide 2

 Hope that helps - shout out if you need help

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