Issue with module not displaying correctly in Firefox 53.0.2 (32-bit)


I wonder if anyone has come across this:

We have a new suite of 14 modules, but one of them just does not display correctly in Firefox.

Each screen has something missing on the left (the previous slide shows through here), which is only added once you click on the screen, and several screens with slide in content looks like content has been partly blocked out by white or coloured blocks, and the correct screen is only shown once you click on the screen. This also applies to things like the drop down menu at the top.

It's like the whole screen is divided up into blocks and strips, and they are loaded on click ... see images attached. All the other modules seem fine.

Totally at a loss ... any help much appreciated.

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Sabine Nolte


Yes, thanks, it is Storyline 2, and I am viewing the Flash output in Firefox. It must be running ok though, as all the other modules do not have this problem. Rollover states are not placed in the right spot. If I click on an answer option (radio button) on a question page, the missing page content on the left is loaded, the radio button doesn't fill, although it does register that the answer was selected (I can click submit). I have to click again for the radio button to be filled ... it seems things are not loaded correctly.

There are that many things wrong with it, it almost seems like it is corrupt somehow.  Does this happen? Is there any way to check? Are there any known strategies to fix corrupt files? Or can this be due to a setting?