Issue with pausing main timeline and restarting

Aug 29, 2013

Any time I try to do something custom, I get my butt kicked. Anyway, please look at this one slide source file and tell me if you think what I'm trying to do can work. As a preview, this involves a blank layer, pausing the main timeline, and native SL control bars. Thanks in advance for looking. 

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Mike Enders

Hi Jason,

I'm not getting the same behavior in regards to the audio restarting from the beginning, but I am seeing the seekbar scrubbing conundrum.  I'd have to ping some folks to see if this is expected behavior or not.  It seems like it would be a cool feature to disallow scrubbing past that point of having the button appear.

I tried a little something different (attached) with putting an object offscreen to trigger the pause layer.  And put the button on the pause layer.  But alas, same issue.

One bad looking solution is to allow seeking on the pause layer.  This would stop the user from being able to seek on the base layer, but does cause  a visual reset of the seekbar when that layer loads.

Translation on all of the above = "huh"

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Wendy! This is possible, and I'm happy to point you in the right direction.

First, you don't need the "Pause the audio when the user clicks the button" trigger, so you can delete that.

Then, open the Layer Properties, and enable the "Pause timeline of base layer" setting. That setting will automatically pause the base layer timeline when the layer is opened, and resume the base layer timeline when the layer is closed.

Let me know if that helps you!

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