Issue with publishing course

Hello all,

Issue with publishing. Get attached error message. 

Project initially imported from storlyine two. The error is intermittent - not permanent. I'm unable to locate the trigger for the error.

Working from and saving to local hard drive. Publishing locally as well.

Only solution is to create new course and reimport existing one into that.

Please help!

Wrote a more thorough description of issue earlier but upload failed.

Best regards


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Emily Ruby

Hi Michael,

When you stated that importing into a new file was the solution, are you able to publish the new file? Or are you continuing to have to import? Based on the log you shared they may be an issue with an mp3 file. 

To make sure we have your correct information, can you submit a case with us here so we can take a look and possibly grab some other logs from your system.

I will keep an eye out for your case to come in. Thanks!

Michael Ambech

Hi Emily,

Yes, I'm able to publish the new file. That's what I do every time this happens. Then  after a while the problem reoccurs. I'm unable to locate that mp3-file that the log refers to.

The project is almost done, so I think I'll hold off for now after thinking it over. I'll soon start creating courses in storyline 360 and if the issue reoccurs I'll create a case.

Thanks for your support!