Issue with SL after update (again)

Hello. I updated SL 360 and now my SL 360 freezes when trying to open the player settings. I submitted a case to technical support, but unfortunately the solution that was given to me was (a) unrelated and (b) didn't work after I tried.

This is the second A360 update that messes my SL 360 and stops me from continuing to do my work. However, I am looking for a solution, not just complaining about faulty updates.

Has anyone experience similar issues? After the update, everything in SL 360 works, except for Player settings. It doesn't crash, it doesn't have any other odd behavior, it only freezes when I try to access the player settings. Everything else works, and that behavior started happening only after the most recent update.

Any suggestions?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ulises,

I'm sorry that the repair didn't resolve it for you, but I would have offered the same suggestion as Renato to start as it's known to resolve the majority of odd crashing/freezing behaviors, especially if it appeared just after an update.

I haven't run into any issues accessing the player settings myself in the last few days, but I let Renato know about your post here and he'll be back in touch with some more troubleshooting and next steps. Keep an eye out for another email from