Issue with tab order (accessiblity) and layers

I've been working on tab order in an effort to make a module more accessible. However, I'm struggling with one page that uses layers. Each time the layer is opened, the tab focus first goes to either the 'Menu' link within the player or, more commonly, the page heading. I don't want people to have to tab through the page heading each time a layer is opened. I'd be grateful for any suggestions.

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Matthew Bibby

Justin, would these suggestions you mention help others with a similar situation? Or are they specific to Christine's case?

I come across this issue frequently, but unfortunately I'm not able to prevent the user from clicking on the base layer, so the only option is to carefully arrange the tab order in the most intuitive way... but it does get tricky at times. 

Justin Wilcox

Hi Matthew. 

That is correct. While that particular layer is clickable, you would not be able to navigate using controls on the base layer slide. The player controls that are clickable would still be accessible. So you can click through navigation controls and menus that are in the player, not the base layer. 

Matthew Bibby

Thanks Justin, I appreciate the offer, but I believe I've got it as good as I can get it given the way the tab order and layer controls currently work.

It would be good if there was another option on the slide layer properties that prevented the tab order from accessing the base layer without preventing the user from clicking on the base layer. I'll submit a feature request...

Thanks again for your help.