Web Object video accessibility issue

May 11, 2020

I am creating a course where there are multiple videos embedded as web object from vimeo in different layers with each having a button to hide the layer. The tab order is first for web object and then for close button. There two issue which I am facing


  1. As soon as the layer is opened the close button is in focus instead of web-object.
  2. And sometimes when we try to tab in to the web-object play button the close button trigger is invoked.


Thanks and Regards.

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Irfan!

I'm happy to help you! I tried to recreate this same interaction on my end, and unfortunately, I'm not getting the same results.

I added a web object video to a layer with a Close button. The web object was highlighted first in the tab order and then the Close button. 

If it's easier, you can share your file with me and I'll test it on my end. It can be difficult to understand the tab order without seeing exactly what's on each slide. You can either attach the course to this discussion by using the Add Attachment button or send it privately using this upload link.

Vincent Scoma

Hi Irfan,

Thank you for sharing your file with us! 

I reviewed the course and I wanted to share what I experienced on my side: 

  • When previewing the course, I used the Tab key to open the layer.
  • After opening the video layer, I noticed that the Web Object was the first object that was highlighted. 

Here is a short video of my walkthrough: Screen Recording of Course

If this doesn't line up with what you are experiencing, could I have you share a screen recording of the issue? 

Nathan Hartwick

Hi. I've run into this same issue. If I create a slide with an embedded video or web object on the base layer as well as custom previous and next buttons the first thing to have focus is the previous button. When I create custom focus order, web object/video first then the two nav buttons, I get the same result where the last to get focus is the web object. Eventually the web object will get focus, but it should not be last: Video player is located after the Previous/Next buttons, even though it’s shown above on the slide. – WCAG 1.3.2 Meaningful Sequence. Is there another way to go about ordering elements?

Lauren Connelly

Hello Nathan!

I'm happy to help!

I've just tested this in Storyline and I'm able to navigate through a webpage when using a web object. Which browser are you using when testing the project? I tested the project in Chrome.

If you have a file that you'd like to share, you can attach it to this discussion or upload it to our Support Team using a support case.

Nathan Hartwick

Hi Lauren,

To be clear, in your test your web object was first to find keyboard focus using a screen reader when you only have a web object and two custom nav buttons? I tested this in Safari, Chrome, and Edge. Below is a link to a screen record for my test using VoiceOver on a Mac with Chrome. The web object is the last to get focus but is set to be the first. I get the same results from the other two browsers. I am always able to get the web object eventually, but not first.

Web Object Focus Test

Lauren Connelly

Hello Steve!

With Nathan's help, we were able to log this behavior as a software bug where the focus order moves the "video from Website" object at the end of the list when published and viewed using a screen reader. This bug is still being reviewed by our team and hasn't made it on our roadmap yet. Is this what you're experiencing as well?

Mark Banit

I've run into this issue too where I have a YouTube video embedded and although its the 2nd item in my focus order (after some intro text), using a screen reader it only comes up after every other item in the focus order...Since I have custom navigation, that means that instead of being read by the screen reader after the intro text, it is only read after cycling through the next and previous buttons, which makes it appear as there actually is no video since on every other slide the content comes before the next button. 

Please make fixing this a priority, this is a terribly confusing user experience for those using screen readers.