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Alyssa Gomez

Hi LaVon!

You shouldn't have an issue with including an Exit button in the player and on the slide. Since those buttons are working correctly in SCORM Cloud, I would recommend reaching out to your LMS administrator for help in Cornerstone.

Hopefully other Cornerstone users can chime in with their experience, as well!

Rory Hendrickson

I don't know if this may be related to this issue but I'd thought I'd post here just in case because it sounds like it could be. 

A quote from an older blog post by Mike Enders

Storyline automatically saves slide information when a learner advances to another slide, but if a learner is on a slide and clicks the Course Exit button, the state of that slide isn’t saved because he or she hasn’t yet proceeded to a different slide.

So the solution from the blog post suggests that you create an exit slide in order to allow the course to save the states/progress of the slide the user was on, and I think this still applies to SL3.

Hope this helps.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Marie,

Let us know if Rory's suggestion helps or not! If not, can you share more details about the issues you're running into with the exit button? I'd like to know: 

  • your version/update of Storyline
  • where you're hosting/testing the course (LMS, web server, etc)
  • what browsers you've used to test it
  • any other error messages or information you can share! 

We'll be standing by to help!