Issue with Timeline extending using Storyline 2 update 9

Mar 09, 2017

Hello, I searched the discussions and saw items about this issue from several months ago. The issue was reportedly fixed with update 5, but I am on update 9 and still have the problem ALL THE TIME. 

The timeline endpoint on slides keeps moving, making the time of the slide longer. 

It happens when I import something or make other changes to the slide.

The fix is easy (just drag the timeline end point back to the right spot) but is tiresome after a while and it can be easy to miss when the endpoint changes. 

Anyone know what I can do to stop this from happening in Storyline 2? 

Thank you. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi James, 

So sorry this is giving you headaches! We are aware of a more recent issue where using the feature "Align to cue point/align to playhead" extends the timeline when "Shows until End" is enabled. Does this match what you're seeing? If so, try disabling the option "Show Until End" first before aligning the object to playhead. You can then re-enable it after making the adjustment.

Also, you can click and hold the timeline end, start to drag it left, and then hit the left arrow key to quickly jump back to the object on the timeline with the longest duration.

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