Issue with TinCan submition on IPAD/Safari

Mar 28, 2014

I created a test course and published to TINCAN. The course works fine in IE8 on XP and IE9 on Win7. When I try the same course on an IPAD/Safari the Fill in the blank response does not appear. My current work around is to create a text entry field and then use the fill in the blank field and have a trigger to update the fill in the blank variable with the text entry variable. This works but is definitely convoluted. I assume it is a scripting issue. I have attached an image that shows the response "Englis" with the workaround and the learner answered "blank" with the standard fill in the blank.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Joe, 

I'm not sure I'm following the set up here, as from that image it looks like both the questions are fill in the blank questions, but one is not recording the answer and the other is? When using a fill in the blank question, there should be a variable and trigger created that read "Set TextEntry equal to the typed value when the control loses focus" - is it possible the question is being submitted before that happens? 

If possible can you share this file that you've set up with the workaround on the one question type and the other one built in? 

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