Issues noted in Storyline3

Jun 19, 2017


We were evaluating Storyline3 with a trial version and found some issues which were not noticed in Storyline2 or 1. The below listed issues are in HTML5 version when tested  mac OS, safari (v9) browser.

  • The transcript window is hiding behind the content area, in maximize mode, in html5 version. Reference the attachment transcript.png. If you restore the window to a small size, it works fine.
  • In a page were streaming videos is loaded, the header section of the page gets cut. Reference screen shot - Reference the attachment header_cut.png. If you restore the window to a small size, it works fine.

Below listed issues are in HTML5 version, when tested in Windows 10, IE Edge

  • Web object streaming videos are not loading, when checked from a web server link. This is working fine when you test from a local drive.
  • When you drag slider a number is displayed with slider. Reference screen shot. Reference screen shot - Reference the attachment slider_number.png
  • Audio is not playing even after refreshing couple of time

Have anybody noticed any similar issues with SL3?

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