Issues with April 17th update?

I have submitted a support case to Articulate, but wondered if I am the only one.  A course that was working a month ago (can see it in Review), now the page with many buttons and triggers to go to layers, will not function.  I removed and rebuilt and still nothing.  Happened after last nights update.

Published and Preview will not function.  Slide has never been touched.

Support indicated they had a high volume, so thought I would pop in here and see if anyone has heard anything...

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Joanna Kurpiewska

Hi everyone

I'm also experiencing issues with multiple drag-and drop interactions which worked perfectly fine before latest SL360 update. I have submitted a ticket for one of my drag and drop slides - case #01342429 and I'm still waiting for a reply and possible solution.

A link to downgrade SL360 would be useful. Can anyone share please?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jean-David,

I deleted your most recent post, as we don't share the links to download the older builds publicly. Our team works to ensure that the issue anyone has run into is truly a bug caused by the latest update and then we'll provide the rollback instructions.

If you need to get those instructions and work with our team directly, please reach out to them here or let me know.  

Jean-David Rouah

Hi Ashley, No problem. I understand that these links cannot appear publicly.
And I am also aware your tech team is working at determining what is causing these issues.
Whether it is a bug or not, the undeniable fact is that several of us were literally unable to use SL360 after the 17th April update, due to the major malfunctions we were experiencing.
I would have really expected Articulate support to systematically provide the version downgrade urls until the issue is resolved. For me, working in an HE organisation, being unable to work was pretty bad. For others, working in the private sector, and having project deadlines with their customers, this is disastrous.
Anyway, I hope this will soon be resolved.
Thank you

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jean-David, 

I'm truly sorry that you ran into such trouble with this update, but I am glad you reached out to get help and share your experience with us. 

We are always happy to provide the earlier version downloads, but we don't push it out to everyone knowing that there are users who may need the latest version and fixes, and are not impacted by the same bugs. I can definitely understand how that's frustrating given the situation you were in, but please know we're always working to refine and improve this process, so your feedback is incredibly valuable in that. 

If there is anything else I can do to help, let me know! We'll post here as soon as we have the fix for these issues. 

Jean-David Rouah

Hi Ashley, thank you for your reply. I totally understand what you just described, and I get how I failed to see the bigger picture by being overly focussed on my own problem.
I was a little frustrated about the way this issue was dealt with, but would like to say that, ever since I have used Articulate products, I have always been very pleased by the prompt, professional and friendly service I have received.
Anyway, right now, the temporary fix enabled me to continue working on my projects. That's the most important. And I am confident the current issues will soon be resolved.
Have a good day :-)

Dave Neuweiler

Every Update is a Potential Adventure.

For projects that are in progress when an update occurs, or for older projects that need revisions and there have been update(s) since it was last published, it's an unknown whether newly-implemented bug-fixes or improvements to the software have broken something else that previously was working fine.

And I think that every browser update -- whether Chrome, Firefox, or Edge -- has a similar potential to create mischief in how our HTML5 output plays.

So we must test. Test. Test and retest.

I don't know what the answer is, but I'd sure like to hear from other users or even Articulate Support what things we developers can do to first avoid these "surprises," and second, how best to document and report them to Support in the most efficient manner.

Ashley Terwilliger

No problem at all, Jean-David. We're here to help, and we're working hard to make a product you love to use! The experience you had with the latest update isn't one we want to have again, let alone the first time, so this discussion and others have been shared with our Support and Product teams.  Our team is small, so please know that it is a very short ladder that things are running up.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Dave, 

I can definitely understand where you're coming from. We recognize that our recent releases have come with a few surprises, and we never want customers to feel apprehensive about updating their software. We've heard from other folks going through the same struggle, and I want you to know we're working really hard to ensure that unexpected bugs don't sneak into new releases in the future.

That being said, there is something you can do to efficiently document and report any issues you come across. 

  • Start by reporting it to our Support team using this form.  
    • When you share with us there, please include any copies of your project file, links to a live course, screenshots, or other examples that'll help us see the behavior you're describing. 
    • Include the details about the Articulate version, browsers, hosting location, etc. The more info you share here the better! 

Our Support team may take 1-2 business days to test and respond, so in the meantime...

Search through the most recent posts in the E-Learning Heroes community, and see if there are any similar reports. If it sounds like it matches, feel free to respond there and share your Case # with us as well. Then the team who monitors the ELH Community will see those and connect the reports! This helps us know how many people are impacted, collect more examples of the behavior to share with our team, and make sure we're sharing any info and updates with the right people! 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi all,

Thanks for your patience while our team worked through this issues. 

We released an update today which resolved the following: 

  • Enhanced: We added support for Google Chrome 66. If audio stopped working in your Storyline course, install the latest update and republish. Learn more.
  • Fixed: A slide layer wouldn't show in HTML5 output when base layer objects were hidden.
  • Fixed: Drag items with states didn't work properly in HTML5 drag-and-drop interactions.

To get started with the update, launch the Articulate 360 desktop app on your computer and click the Update button for Storyline 360.