Issues with Audio and Quizzing Slides in Storyline

Hi team,

I'm looking for some answers, tips and help I am encountering while using Storyline to develop a pilot course of 16 total lectures for my employer, Strayer University. There are several little "bugs" that I and the other developers participating in the pilot have encountered. 

1. We have all had issues with audio skipping - the most common issue is when you don't let all of the audio for one slide play through then click on another slide, the audio files will either play on top of each other or the old one will still continue playing, instead of it switching to the new audio file.

2. The quizzing function - When you complete a question (they are just practice questions with no point values for our purposes), then click around to any of the other slides and then come back to the question, the Submit button disappears!

3. When we select a quizzing slide, then choose "layout" to select our powerpoint template to put the quiz into after inputting all of the content into the quizzing slide, it imports it in strange white very large font, centered, with an extra unneeded textbox as well. We end up spending time relaying out all of the text on the slide.

Any help is appreciated - thanks!

Jennifer Cerreta 

Curriculum Design and Development Team

Strayer University

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