Issues with Completed/Passed flag resetting on Mobile with latest 360 updates (7th/8th March).

Apr 04, 2017

Hi Guys,

I have reason to believe that there is a bug in the latest update of Storyline 360 that is causing courses running on mobile to not respond to the LMS properly (this has been replicated on SCORMCloud and a number of LMS').

All of the courses that I have published since the 7/8th March updates have been resetting the completed/passed flag back to incomplete/failed when returning to the quiz after completion, on a mobile device.

One of our clients LMS providers has supplied us with a patch that I thought I should share with you guys.

I have attached the files below, for others experiencing this issue they are to be placed in the LMS folder after publish or you can follow the changes below and make them manually.

(note: most of our courses use SCORM 2004 v3).


The two files are:





The changes can be seen below, old files are on the left, updated on the right.




Thanks & Kind Regards,

Tom French

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