Peoplesoft not capturing Storyline 360 exam results

Jul 13, 2022

Hi All,

I've been all over the forums and found a question similar to this before, but no answers. 

I have a Storyline (tested in both SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004) exam. The client is using Peoplesoft as their LMS - and it's not capturing the exam score when the test completes. It's only showing "completed" and "100%" as the score, not the actual score.

Note: I did test this in SCORM Cloud and it works perfectly, so something is not quite connecting with Peoplesoft. 

As I was looking through the forum I found this thread related to reporting passed/incomplete to Peoplesoft, which I think might be a similar issue, but it was over 9 years ago and the .js fix didn't match any .js files that we have in the published files now. (scormdriver.js looks to be the file that controls these things rather than SCORMFunctions.js as mentioned in the thread 9 years ago.)

I'm wondering if anyone has seen this? I can go digging into the .js file to see if there's something that pops out, but I'm hoping some has a solution that I'm not seeing yet.


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