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Feb 26, 2013


I have had 2 x instances today where I have compiled SL courses to "Completed/Incomplete" based on slide completions, and the clients have told me their LMS is seeing "Passed/Failed".

Is this something that other people have seen, and what's the best way to try and sort this?!

Is this likely to be LMS issues?


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Bruce Graham

Gerry Wasiluk said:

Thanks, Bruce!  VERY, VERY NICE work.

Definitely seeing "passed" and "incomplete" being sent "under the hood" to the LMS from the Storyline content.

Exactly as they saw despite fact it is set to "Incomplete"/Complete.

Problem is the "Passed" status then tries to produce a Test Certificate!

Fun course to build!


Gerry Wasiluk

Nancy Woinoski said:

This type of bug is really unacceptable. I wonder how me all missed it during beta testing.

Yup!  I was going to test this and then my company offered an early retirement package so I never got to it.  Didn't get access to a LMS then until I was a contractor.

I do think, IMVHO, when it comes to LMS issues and testing, something more structured should be set up for beta testing.

Bruce Graham

Thanks Justin,

Do you have a reference for this "in the system"?

I have another example of this that I logged as a case, (#00321208).

The response has come back that you guys cannot replicate it on SCORMCloud, and so I have to show what is going on.....

I'd like if possible to tie everything up - I think it is the same issue.

With a client, we have discovered that by editing the 4 x JS files below, and amending any occurrence of the word "Passed" to "Completed", we can get the correct behaviour, (just the statement end stubs - not the start of the statement).

Hope this helps, but please come up with a solution for this quickly!



Bruce Graham

Just wanted to amend something - the 4 files needing to be edited were:

3 files in the js folder
- SCORMFunctions.js
- lms.js
- SCORM2004Functions.js
then 1 file in the mobile folder
- storyline_compiled.js
This last one looks like gobbledegook when you open it, but you just need to Search and Replace "Passed" for the word "Completed"
Apologies for my error, just had this picked up by another client.
Any update on this one Articulate?

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