Issues with Custom Submit button


I'm having an issue with creating a custom submit button for my program. I'll need to have this button load a custom "correct or incorrect" layer depending on the answer they choose.

What I've done (screenshot attached below):

Turned off the player submit button

Created a custom button called submit answer

Created a trigger for the submit button to become active only when at least one of the items is selected

Created another trigger to submit the interaction for the pick-one on that screen.

I then preview and get this:

I'm getting a message saying "invalid Answer - You must complete the question before submitting" even though I did in fact select an answer. note that this issue only happens on PICK ONE type knowledge checks. The Multiple choice and multiple answer knowledge checks seem to be working fine.

I can't share the content of this with you but if it's not clear what i'm doing wrong from the screenshot and my description perhaps I can make a fake version to send you.

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Greg Faust

I just tested it, and I couldn't duplicate your problem. I made a freeform Pick 1 quiz slide as indicated. It works just fine. I'm trying to think what could be causing yours to have an error. These are shots in the dark, but they're all I have at the moment:

  • Double-check the settings in the "Edit Pick One" menu; make sure the right objects are listed as answer choices.
  • Are you using slide Masters and/or Layouts for this?
  • Is the object the user clicks the *actual* object checked by the "Edit Pick One" menu? Or do you have some triggers modifying offscreen dummy objects for use by the quiz?

If none of that fixes things, yes, please do go ahead and try to recreate the problem in a blank presentation.