Issues with Drag & Drop in Storyline 2.

Feb 07, 2018


I'm having a few problems with a drag & drop slide that I've created in storyline 2.  (attached file) When an image in the let hand pane is dropped onto either the 'soft' or 'hard' services landing zone a tick or cross should appear. For some of the images this doesn't show straight away and instead an incorrect option needs to be chosen before the correct option will appear. For others it works perfectly each time. Any help appreciated.

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Allison Goldthorpe

Hi Charlie,

I believe the issue is occurring because the layer indicating the status from the previous object hasn't closed. You'll want to do two things for each of the four status layers you have:

  1. Shorten the layer timeline so they're only as long as the shape is visible.
  2. Add this trigger to each of your layers:

That should close out the layers promptly, allowing them to become visible again if the learner gets the same feedback twice.



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