Issues with menus and alert pop-ups in storyline 2

Feb 27, 2015

I have developed a course in storyline 2 such as user must visit all slides completely. So i restricted him using triggers by showing an alert pop-up. It is working fine when i set the Menu Navigation Restriction to FREE.

When i changed the Menu Navigation Restriction to Restricted or Locked then the learner is restricted but the alert pop-up's are not coming.

Have anyone faced this issue and any suggestions to help me out.

Thanks in advance!!

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vijay kumar

I created a Layer called "Alert". I took a boolean variable(var) and change the value of that variable to true when timeline of the slide ends.

Then i write a trigger "Show layer Alert when use clicks Next if var is equal to false" and

"Jump to Next slide when use clicks Next if var is equal to True".

What the issue i faced was:

1. When i set the Menu Navigation Restriction to FREE then the Alert pop-up was coming when i clicks next button before the value of variable(var) changing to True.

2. When i set the Menu Navigation Restriction to Restricted or Locked then the Alert pop-up was not coming when i clicks next button before the value of variable(var) changing to True.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vijay,

So for "Free" navigation - it sounds like it's working correctly. 

For the "restricted" or "locked" navigation, as it seems you've figured out the next button wont' jump to the next slide until the end of the timeline has been reached by default - and it sounds like that is the behavior you'd like to have. In regards to the triggers you've set up - they sound correct, but to confirm we'd need to see your file in terms of how they were set up, the order, etc. Even just one sample slide with the same triggers would work if you can post it here. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

I think you're probably right Phil, as I did a bit more digging and found a similar issue. It seems the workaround as this was expected was to use a Custom next button.  But it may be worth seeing the file as an example to share with our team or have community to weigh in with other ideas, as I know there have been mixed feelings about the restricted/locked navigation also impacting the next button behavior. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vijay,

Thanks for sharing the file here. I did confirm with our team that this is expected behavior based on the disabled state of the next button when using restricted/locked navigation. The workaround would be to use free navigation, or a custom next/prev button instead of the built in buttons. 

You're also welcome to share your thoughts on this set up in the form of a feature request here. 

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