Issues with new update

Oct 20, 2023

Good morning,

I have installed the latest update and experienced several formatting concerns with my free form and custom slides.  I have rectified the issue to the best of my capability, but now I struggle with changing the highlight colour on a multiple-choice question.  I have gone under colours, create new theme colours, and changed control 1, but it is not being applied to the slide.  I changed the colour to a dark blue, but as you can see below it has remained the light blue colour.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated.



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Steven Benassi

Hi Nicole!

It sounds like you've hit a snag when trying to apply theme colors to a question slide. Sorry to hear that, but I'd be happy to assist!

It looks like the attachment you tried to include didn't come through. Would you be willing to share the screenshot again, as well as a copy of the .story file for testing? Feel free to upload them here in the discussion or privately through a support case.

Looking forward to hearing from you!