Issues with quiz question when a multiple choice slide is used as a true false question

Jul 08, 2016

Has anyone seen this issue.

You build a multiple choice slide with four options, then duplicate the slide but for question 2 you only want true or false as an option so you remove answer choices 3 and 4 and convert 1 and 2 to true and false.

One of our designers claims it creates an error in reporting,   has anyone seen this?  If this is an issue can anyone explain why?


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Ari Avivi

Hello Christie,

I've been asking a similar question for those who are reporting it to us, and while adimant that it is happeneng, haven't been able to produce a concrete example either.

I have tried to recreate the error and have not seen it, so was hoping maybe someone else out there had. 

Maybe it falls into the urban storyline myth category.


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