Issues with responsive sizing in Storyline when published

Jul 06, 2023

Anyone experiencing what seems to be an issue with published Storyline files getting wonky with handling responsive sizing? It is intermittent but happening frequently enough that it could cause a lot of frustration for our call center.  Text gets cut off, and player items get re-oriented. For instance the Prev/Next buttons end up on top of the Submit button making it impossible to click Submit. Everything snaps back in place when you adjust the size of your browser, or refresh - but many of our users won't know to do this. We are publishing xAPI inline with our LMS, but this also happens when you publish to the Articulate Review site so I am fairly confident this is a new issue with Storyline.

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Steven Benassi

Hi Natalie!

It sounds like you ran into some issues with the orientation of content in your Storyline course after publishing. I see you've opened a support case and connected with my colleague Johnrey. You're in great hands working one on one with him!

We'll continue this conversation over in your support case.

Steven Benassi

Hi K Pace!

Sorry to hear you are also experiencing issues with the responsive sizing of embedded videos in your Storyline 360 course.

I see that you've already opened a support case and connected with my colleague Ian. Great move! It looks like Ian replied to your e-mail with some feedback on what could be causing the embedded videos from your course to not resize properly.

If you have any questions, feel free to reply to Ian through your case to keep all information in one place.

Steven Benassi

Hi K Pace!

Thanks for following up! I've updated your support case with the added feedback you shared!

It looks like Ian replied to your e-mail requesting a link to the Kaltura video you were trying to embed in your course. You're in great hands troubleshooting with him!

Let's continue the conversation in your support case, but I'm happy to assist further as needed!