Issues with Storyline 360 while working with other developers

We have been experiencing a number of odd issues when more than one person is developing in Storyline on a project using different computers. When one person makes changes on one computer and tests it, everything is fine but when opened on the other computer to make additional changes and then publish, there are issues such as text not displaying correctly, the font in the notes section would show as different color and audio will not play initially. Could this be a problem with the updates? We noticed that the two installations have different version numbers.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi James! 

You have the right idea -- all developers should be on the same update of Storyline 360 for consistency. The latest update is best! 

Also, keep in mind you'll want to work from your local hard drive, since working from a shared or network drive can cause issues due to latency. You can read more about this and other tips for working collaboratively here.